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There are many famous attractions in London but here we hope to highlight some of the smaller or more unusual ones that have a connection to culture and heritage. This makes them more interesting as you can find out about what makes up British society today, sometimes coming from hundreds of years of history. Some attractions can also be useful to help your studies while you are in the UK.

The Museum of Brands

The Museum of Brands displays over 200 years of the UK's consumer history. With our permanent collection, you will be able to explore how the UK adapted and changed to meet the needs of consumers decade by decade. The Museum offers trails to accompany you on your journey, providing trivia and extra information about some of the items and stories you can find in our Tunnel. Students may bring their university card or BRP to receive a student discount to explore the museum, our tropical garden, and cafe. If you are a marketing student this is a really useful place to visit to see how brands have developed in the UK.

Jubilee Market

The Jubilee Hall, which houses the market, was built in 1904 and gained Grade 2 listed status in 1980. The Jubilee Market area is steeped in history with the novelist Thomas De Quincey lodging and writing here, goods used to be delivered on ponies direct from the docks to the loading bays which can still be seen, and the first mention of a Punch and Judy show in Britain was recorded, here, by diarist Samuel Pepys, who saw such a show in the square in May 1662. Covent Garden’s historic indoor Jubilee Market has plenty to offer for a fabulous shopping trip. We have an antiques market on Mondays, a general market on Tuesday to Friday and a wonderful Arts and Crafts Market on the weekends, so much shopping under one roof and all in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

A Guided Walk in London

Did you know that you can go in a small group with a dedicated guide to find out some fascinating things about London?

Or maybe a tour to help you understand your studies in, say, financial markets? Or maybe you’re a Harry Potter fan?

Or do you want to just take the best photos with your camera for your social media posts or blog?

An inexpensive tour with London Guided Walks can open your eyes to the real London. Some guides are even real university lecturers and fully accredited tour guides!

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