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Accommodation & Travel in the UK

Accommodation while you study

If you are looking for accommodation or student residences for when you are studying in the UK, click the logo to the left to be taken to our main Traveledex accommodation page.

There are many different types of accommodation available in the UK which range in price and facilities. Hotels may have star ratings (****) but smaller guest houses or B’n’Bs (bed and breakfast) and also pubs, all offer a different style of accommodation. Many of these are in historic premises so can give a great experience – have you ever slept in a four-poster bed?! See our Accommodation page for more details and booking for some of the national chains. Further accommodation details can be found on individual pages for destinations and attractions.

There are four transport methods you can use to travel around the UK which are listed below. Generally, long-term students can get discounted travel but there may be age limits and you will need to show evidence that you are a current student. Rather than discounting a specific journey, you will generally need to buy some type of student travel discount card (see below).

When looking at our destination pages we will usually try to give you details about how to get there and also places to stay. See our individual travel and accommodation pages for links to book travel tickets and accommodation.

Group Travel

If you have a group of friends and want to travel together then you may be able to get a group discount on tickets - ask us for information if this is something you want to organise as we can often help and sometimes suggest a guide for you as well. Groups can also travel by minibus or small coach and hiring these by combining the cost between everyone makes this an effective way to travel. We are happy to recommend First Travel Solutions who have extensive transport solutions and if you don't want to speak to them direct, we will do so for you.

Bus Travel

In the UK, buses are for travelling around within a town or city, not for long distances. They are usually cheap and will offer a variety of ticket and payment options. They are usually private companies but will still publish a scheduled timetable and routes. Sometimes you may even find an open top bus available in the summer. The place that you are studying at can tell you about the local bus companies and any discounts for students that are available.


There are two different types of Taxi in the UK. All taxis are licensed by the local council (government) and the license can be for a "hackney carriage" which means you can raise your hand and flag them down (like the black cabs in London) but most in the towns and cities are for "private hire". This means you must telephone the taxi company and book the taxi for your journey. Ask where you are studying and they should be able to give you details of local private hire taxi companies - some even give student discounts.

Rail Travel

Trains are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel around the UK. The services are privately owned but most will will offer some sort of young person or student discount. They usually cover a geographic area or a region. Click on "Rail Travel" above to see a map telling you the regions and services or book a ticket by clicking below.

Coach Travel

Coach travel is one of the most popular ways for students to travel around the UK and there are published schedules for regular rides between most main cities, airports and railway stations.
Details of the Young Persons Coachcard for students can be found on the national coach service website (called National Express) and you can buy your discount card online by clicking on the Coach Travel heading.
The card is for you if you're aged 16 - 26 or are a full-time student and it gives you ⅓ off all Standard and Fully Flexible fares and 15% off travel to events and festivals.

Flying in the UK - Regional Airports

The UK does have regional airports but internal flights are not common as the UK is relatively small. When combining check-in times with flight time it may not be a reasonable option but, cheap tickets are sometimes available.

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